5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Dog Needed

If you’re like most dog owners, you consider your furry friend to be part of the family. You want them to have the best of everything while living happy and healthy lives. So what do you get for the pooch who has everything? Here are five things you didn’t know your dog needed.

    • Playpen. Unlike most of the items on this list, the dog playpen is more for you – the owner – than it is for your dog. However, your dog will most assuredly prefer to be placed in this structure as opposed to a crate or cage. The dog playpen is a superior solution for any situation in which your pup needs to be confined to a limited area, such as when you have to leave the house or when you have guests over who may not appreciate your dog as much as you do. The best playpens for dogs provide a safe space for your canine companion to play, keeping them out of trouble and saving wear and tear on your furniture. Best of all, playpens can also be used outdoors in order to prevent your pooch from running away, digging in the garden, or being attacked by stray animals who may wander into your yard. A versatile and essential piece of equipment, dog playpens are available for different sizes and in a variety of styles, ranging from fabric tents to pens made of plastic, metal, or wire.
    • Heated Bed. Ideal for those who live in colder climates, the heated dog bed will be waiting to warm up your pup after a brisk walk outside. There are many different types and styles available, depending on your dog’s size and needs. Some beds use your furry friend’s own body heat, while others are heated through the base via an electrical heating pad that is safe to be left plugged in for lengthy periods of time. Either way, these beds will be most appreciated by smaller breeds, outdoor dogs, and older dogs who may be suffering from arthritis or other similar conditions.
    • Cooling Pad. Alternatively, cooling pads are perfect if you are fortunate enough to live in a warmer climate or during the sweltering summer months. Along the same lines as the heated bed, there are a variety of options and styles when it comes to choosing the right cooling pad. Non-toxic gel pads provide relief by absorbing your dog’s excess body heat, while other pads need to be placed in the freezer before working their magic on your overheated hound. There are also cooling beds that contain a water-filled bladder, allowing you to adjust the amount of liquid to ensure optimal comfort. In addition to reducing body heat, cooling pads are a welcome sight for elderly or disabled dogs with aching joints and inflammation.
    • Doorbell Mat. Just in case you have trouble reading your dog’s body language, the doorbell mat makes it crystal clear when they need to go outside. Once this portable wireless mat is laid on the floor in front of the door, all your pooch has to do is step on it and a doorbell chime is activated to let you know it’s time to go. This item can also be used outdoors, so you might as well simplify things even further and get a second mat for outside the door so you can be alerted when your fur baby is ready to come back inside.
  • High Chair. If you have ever sat down for dinner and wished your dog could join you at the table, here is the answer to your prayers. Although some dogs are afflicted with a medical condition that require them to eat in a special high chair, that no longer has to be the case for your precious pup – you can just snap this contraption on the edge of your dinner table and strap your little buddy in to enjoy some quality family time together. Intended for use only with small breeds 10 pounds and under, the doggie high chair is adjustable and will not damage table surfaces. Presumably, table manners and proper etiquette are sold separately.