Can a ‘Beware of Dog’ Sign Protect You From Lawsuits?

You know that your dog has a dog a vicious inclination, yet the law would find you liable if it bites someone. But, what can you do to make sure that anyone one who comes into contact with your dog knows that he or she risks being bitten or injured? If anything, you’d want to protect yourself from legal suits that can arise as a result of your dog’s aggressive behavior. Indeed, it makes perfect sense to hang a “beware of dog” sign and here’s why.

Sign May Be an Indicator That You’re Aware of Dogs Vicious Propensities

In some states for a litigious guest, passerby or trespasser to sue successfully for dog bites, he or she must prove that you were aware or had a reason to be mindful of your pet’s aggressive behavior. In other states, you are strictly responsible for the injuries and damage caused by your dog despite the “beware of dog” sign.

In areas where dog bite laws are lax, the complainant can use the warning sign to argue that we’re aware of your dog’s violent propensities. While the presence of “beware of dog” sign may or may not suggest your knowledge of the dog’s brutality, a victim can use it as evidence against you if there have been previous bites or complaints.

The Sign May Imply the Victim “Ignored the Risk”

Although a plaintiff can use the “beware of dog” sign against you, its sheer presence can work in your favor. You can show that the victim, despite being duly warned assumed the risk and got closer to the dog resulting in his or her injury. Even in areas where the laws on animal bites strictly place the blame of the owner, the assumption of the actual risk by the victim can is enough to form a solid defense.

Your lawyer will argue that although the owner of the dog is legally culpable for the bites and injuries caused by the animal, he or she is equally responsible for issuing warnings about the dog’s vicious propensity to potential victims. Thus, anybody who sees the “beware of dog” and chooses to ignore the possible risk and got closer to the animal can be said to have acted recklessly.

… Remember, how you treat an aggressive dog matters

Dogs develop violent behavior due to many reasons. It could be due to lack of exercise or assertive leadership. You should, therefore, be mindful of how you treat your animal. And, while it can be hard to train such a dog, little acts of kindness can go a long way in taming your best friend. The more you make your pooch “feel at home,” the easier it is to control how he behaves.

Start by ensuring that your dog has a clean, comfortable place to rest when he gets stressed. Invest in a cage, a whelping box, a heated bed and so on. Speaking of which, you can buy your pet accessories at PetNap and set your animal on a path to developing a good behavior.