Follow Adder Instagram Bot review

The controversial Instagram crackdowns on the use of automated services on its social media platform resulted in many of the leading Instagram Bots on the market being shut down. This included Bots such as Instagress and many more. Instagram’s terms of use policy state that automated services are in breach of this policy and as a result are not allow to be used on its platform.

What was an outcome of the controversy?

The shutdown of many Bots had an adverse effect on its users. Many of whom use Instagram Bots to promote brands and market their business and its services. Without an automated tool to help them do this, users have to do engagement tasks manually. Engagement tasks include finding relevant accounts, following them, liking and commenting on their posts. While this can be an effective way to gain followers, it is tedious and time-consuming with a follow back is not guaranteed. Using a Bot do help you means that the Bot would do these repetitive tasks nonstop for you on autopilot. Automated services are a great investment to save time.

Users are still looking to implement automated services to help them with repetitive tasks and to increase their profiles following. Having a large number of followers is essential to launching a marketing campaign as it gives you’re a wider relevant audience to market to. These followers can then be funneled to your website and turned into potential customers.

What is next for the Bots in 2018?

However, many people are not sure which Bot to invest in. Many are afraid that if they invest in the wrong Bot it could be closed down at any moment. Therefore they are looking for an automated service which not only is effective in gaining followers but is also safe to use and will not have any adverse effects on their business.

Has the Bot market collapsed?

There are many new Bots constantly emerging onto the market. These Bots are competing with some of the older Bots which survived the Instagram crackdowns of last year. This new competition has made it a better market with lots of the Bots improving their services.

What are some safe and reliable Bots?

The best Instagram Bot currently on the market is one that survived the crackdowns. As it is a crackdown survivor it is believed to be safe and reliable. Follow Adder is the crackdown survivor that people are turning to. Many users that invest in this automated services are experiencing prosperous results without the fear of being shut down.

What are some of its key features?

This Bot has all of the key features that other Bots on the market have. It can complete engagement tasks on autopilot. It also has a few extra features which set it apart from the market’s competition.

This includes a scheduling feature. This feature enables the user to schedule multiple posts in advance which can be posted at intervals. The benefit of this is that it makes your profile appear as natural as possible and avoid looking like spam to Instagram.

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