Article Marketing

How Relevant is Article Marketing Today?

A lot has changed. Gone are the days when all you had to do was to write content and post it on various article directories and wait for your website to gain traffic. Back then, this strategy used to work for SEO as well. In essence, it means that you could use article marketing to rank your website.

So what has changed?

Well, during the era of article directories, the quality of your articles didn’t matter that much. You know what that meant? Individuals looking for informative articles had to dig deeper. Other than that, Google came into play. The presence of the same article in a different site resulted in a drop in ranking of that particular piece.

Google updates

Also, the Panda update led to the penalization of sites with low-quality articles. By extension, Google wanted to make sure that only websites with high-quality articles ranked well. It is worth noting that back then, you could use an article spinning software to generate “copies” of the original piece without writing from scratch.

Nowadays, if you have to use an article spinner, you ought to be very careful with the service that you choose. While your content remains spun, it has to have a particular level of quality. Not to worry though, there are article spinning services that promise to give you more than just quickly rehashed content. On that note, be sure to visit for article spinning that boasts editorial quality.

That said, publishing (unique) content on various sites as a way of driving traffic to your website works even though this tactic is not effective as it used to be a while back. In simpler terms, you need to use the correct strategy and be prepared to spend a little more. Here’s how to do it;

Do Your Research for Prospective Websites Correctly

Okay, the thing is, you can publish your content on a different site that doesn’t necessarily have to be in your niche. Nonetheless, it must provide value to the readers of the particular site it is going to get published. You may consider posting on sites that pay contributors. That way, you can at least get a couple of dollars for you unique content.

Embark on a Vigorous Guest Posting Campaign

It is not every website that will allow you to guest post. You need, therefore, to make sure that you pitch to the correct site. One of the easiest ways to do so it to Google for websites that allow guest posts. Even better, you may want to check if the said site will pay you for the posts.

However, because you want to give your website more exposure through the guest post, you should always be prepared to do it for free. In fact, that is the mentality you ought to have when pitching for guest posts. You may also want to know that some websites will ask you to pay for a guest posting opportunity.

Stick to the Site’s Guest Posting Rules

The fact that you have submitted an article for guest posting doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get published. Thus, make sure that you read all the rules before crafting your piece. The last thing that you want is for your work to get rejected just because you didn’t follow simple instruction.

Also, never assume that a prospective website doesn’t have set guidelines on how to write a guest post. You should always send the editor a quick note asking if there are any rules to stick to when crafting your post. Plus, when pitching to the editor, lay down the reasons he/she should give you the opportunity. One of the primary reasons your pitch is likely to get rejected is using vague terms.

As stated, your post should offer value to the website, so you need to let the editor know how his/her website will benefit from your article. If you’re running a money site, avoid including links without asking the publisher. Most website will only allow you to write your bio at the bottom of your article.

In Conclusion

Once your post gets published, it is your duty to promote it dynamically. You want it to get it as many shares as possible so you may consider taking the social media route.  Remember, the more the article gets shared, the better it is for you and your website. Some sites will also take the initiative to promote your guest post.