Instagram Marketing Trends for 2018

Are you wondering what Instagram marketing will look like in 2018? The year is already shaping up, having adopted some amazing traits from 2017. The year is already defining itself in terms of content creation, but projections show that you also need to be ready to optimize content as you also make use of paid advertising to reach the levels you are seeking in terms of marketing.

In summary, this year seems to be that year when Instagram marketing becomes more sophisticated, right from the use of new tools to manage your reach to using new features. If you are one of those marketers who is still using manual approaches to extend your reach, then 2018 is that year when you will have to know about automation tools. You will have to know more about Instagress Alternatives & Replacements (Updated for 2018) to help plan your posts, analytics and manage your UGC.

You Need to Boost Your Reach in 2018

A few years ago when Facebook acquired Instagram, many people were afraid that they will have to pay in order to achieve the reach they desire. Years down the line, users have realized that they can still connect with their audience using free tools. You can even make use of clickable links, a feature that has become useful for most marketers looking o link to their landing pages.

While many people have used Instagram to build their reach, you, on the other hand, require a certain level of expertise to start. Running your marketing campaign on Instagram isn’t so difficult, but you might feel intimidated by the various things you need to put in place to be successful.

The good thing is that you can decide to promote your Instagram engagement so that you reach the level you wish to be. All you need to do is to come up with the right posts and then “boost” them just the way you do on Facebook. Boosting your post gives you more impressions, likes, and followers.

You Can Now Sell More

2016 and 2017 saw the slow introduction of clickable links in posts on Instagram. This is a great feature especially for the sellers who are looking to promote their items on Instagram because they can link directly to their product or landing pages. You can use the links to drive traffic to Instagram stories to gain more followers.

2018 will come with renewed efforts towards driving traffic to Instagram using these clickable links.

You Have to Get More Analytical

In order to succeed at Instagram marketing, you will have to understand the kind of audience you are engaging and how your content is performing. This means you need to know your Instagram analytics and use it as expected.

The Bottom-line

You need to take time and find out the strategies that will work for you during 2018. If you fail to understand these strategies, you stand to fall behind and fail to meet your marketing targets on this awesome platform.