Live Wedding Music: Making the Choice

Hiring a wedding singer is usually an unfamiliar process for many couples or wedding planners, but finding the right wedding singer for your wedding can turn out to be a very enjoyable experience. Picking the right wedding singer can be a chance for you to express your desire and craft the wedding entertainment to your liking as a couple. The following tips can help you as a couple plan your wedding music quickly and in a stress-free manner.

Have an Idea of What to expect

Make sure you schedule a meeting with the wedding singer at to hear what he sounds like before you make a booking. The musician will most definitely have a sample recording and might even invite you to attend one of his live recordings to have a feel of the music before you decide to book him for the gig. As you listen to the music, make sure you imagine how the sound will be at your wedding. Ask yourself whether the sound creates the kind of atmosphere you are looking for or not.

Ask Questions

A wedding singer has the right skills to create the right music for your wedding, but you need to also know more about his work. The singer might even have experience that can make the special day go as you wish it to. A good musician is ready and willing to share these experiences and answer any questions that you have. Working with a musician who is ready to answer your questions will make you feel comfortable and helps take out the stress of planning for the wedding.

Try Something New

If you have an idea for the special day, it would be great to try it out. For instance, you can ask for an acapella of your favorite music or ask for a combination of different instruments for this day. You can personalize the music for this day so that it reflects your life as a couple. Everything you think about can add some charm to the music and make the day memorable.

Communicate Your Style

Everything ranging from a traditional wedding to a trendy one must come with some sense of style. Talk to the wedding singer to communicate the kind of style you need and discuss what more you can get. The singer will tell you, from experience, whether the style will work or it will flop and might suggest something close to what you seek.

Once you come up with a style, you need to make sure you confirm with the venue whether they allow the kind of style. Some churches and religious venues restrict the use of certain styles in their premises.

Put Everything in Writing

As you plan, you need to put everything in writing so that you can insert them into your routine for the special day. Take time to know how each part fits in and communicate this to your wedding singer early in advance for him to know what is going to happen later on.