Odor Free Trash Can

You probably don’t even think about the trash can in your kitchen, and why would you? However, all the time you spend cleaning your cooker and refrigerator, what about the trash can in the corner? How should you clean it and how often should you buy a new one? You might not have considered these questions, but consider how much rubbish your trash can has to deal with daily. And, how smelly this is. Maybe your trashcan deserves a little more consideration after all.

Buying a New Trash Can

Because we pay so little attention to our trash cans, it is amazing how many there are when you are looking to buy one. How on earth could you possibly choose the best one? Well, it may surprise you to learn but there are many specialist sites who research and review the best trash cans so you don’t need to shop around. A great site is Trash That which has reviews on the top 20 trash cans and lots of helpful tips on buying and caring for your trash can. Things like, should you buy a trash can with a lid or do you need one with a lid that stays open.

Features of Trash Cans

Here are some features that trash cans can have. If you bear these in mind when you are buying your new trash can, it will make it easier to select a useful trash can.

  • Size and shape. This is probably the first thing that you will want to consider when buying a new trash can. The most common shape is rectangular but round is also popular. You can buy a trash can that is designed to fit within a certain space. For example, a thin shape to fit into a narrow gap.
  • The standard size of a trash can is one that holds 13 gallons. You can buy larger or smaller non-standard trash cans if this matches your requirements.
  • Some trash cans come with tight-fitting lids to reduce the odor. A lid will also keep out any inquisitive pets. For extra odor control, buy a trash can with a charcoal filter.
  • Touchless control. Many models of trash can are opened by use of a foot pedal. You can also get some that open via a motion sensor.
  • Ease of use. Think about the size of the opening of the trash can. Is it large enough that you can easily throw your trash into it? Also, how easy is it to put a new liner in place, and will it stay in place?
  • Ease of cleaning. Choose a trash can that is easy to clean as they can easily get very dirty.
  • You want your trash can to blend in with your décor and to be easy to keep clean.

Considerations When Buying a Trash Can

The last thing you want to do is go from store to store trying to find specially sized garbage bags. Keep this in mind and choose a trash can where the standard garbage bags fit inside.

Also, bear in mind how easy it is to change the bag. You will be doing this often, daily in some houses. Don’t make this into a huge chore because it is not easy to do. Also, consider who could be changing the bag and will they be able to manage to do this easily.

Think about how easy your new bin would be to clean. It may look great but if there are lots of parts that need cleaning, this could become time-consuming.

It may be just a trash can, but how well does it blend with your kitchen. If you have stainless steel units, buy a matching trash can.

Also, consider the space in your kitchen and the space where your trash can will live. If it is a small alcove under a worktop, don’t buy a big round trash can.

You might wonder why you need features in a trash can. All you need it to do is hold the trash until you bag it up. All trash cans can do this, right? Yes, they can but it is useful to buy a better-quality trash can with features that make it easy to use.