Archeer A226 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Music is something which is universal. You won’t find one person on this planet that does not have a favourite musician or band. Music is also one of the most social things we have as a species. It can help us to express emotions we may otherwise have not been able to and it can do all of this to a beat! That is why it is important to be able to share the music which is close to your heart, and fortunately for us we can do this easily!

Bluetooth speakers are a great way to do this, and by taking a look on Speaker Digital you will see just how many there are out there to do it with! Today though we will be looking at the Archeer A226 Bluetooth Speaker to see if it can handle what you will throw at it!

So tell me a little more about the features it has…

You may be reading this review and thinking “well a Bluetooth speaker only really ahs one feature right and that is the Bluetooth which is built in?” I am here to tell you that in this day and age, you are wrong! These tiny speakers nowadays have a lot of features in them, all intended to make your listening experience that little bit better and the Archeer is no different.

For example, this speaker is both dust and splash proof. This means that you are free to take it with you to the beach, around a swimming pool, or even whilst cycling. The choice is all yours. It provides you with a rich and full sound too, with the duel 5w acoustic drivers helping to ensure that your music sounds as good as it can do. It can be used as a flashlight, and you also get up to 12 hours playback time. What more could you want?

What’s good about it?

There is a lot of good things about this little speaker. It has a good charge length, it will work in almost any situation you put it in (even if it does get splashed), and you will still be able to get crystal clear sound from up to 30 meters away. The fact that it acts as a flashlight is only a bonus.

And what is not so good about it?

The negative points regarding the Archeer are small but they are still worth mentioning. Rather than having a power button on its side, it is tucked away under a flap at the back. This has annoyed some customers as it adds to the time taken to set up music. The other small complaint is with regards to the synchronisation element, as it only beeps rather than speaks when it connects to a device.

What’s the conclusion?

When you look at the broader picture here, the Archeer has a lot more positive points than negative. It will enable you to listen to your music wherever you are, and it does so through a good quality level of sound. This is one of the more impressive speakers that is out there today.