Marcy NS-716R Recumbent Exercise Bike

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If you are anything like me you probably took one look at the word “recumbent” and was not sure exactly what was meant by it. I know what exercise is, and I know what a bike is, but when you combine those two with the word recumbent then I am lost! Fortunately, and after a small amount of research I have got to the bottom of this mystery and I can help you do so too!

A recumbent exercise bike is similar to a normal one except from the fact that the seat sits back, further away from the pedals. This increases the effort needed to pedal and as a result makes your workouts much better! In this review we are going to be taking a look at one recumbent exercise bike in particular and that is the Marcy NS-716R. This isn’t the only exercise bike you can check out though as there are plenty of reviews to keep you entertained.

I need a bit more information regarding its features

I am happy to provide you with this extra information! Unlike most other similar bikes, the Marcy uses magnetic resistance to increase both reliability and the overall strength of the machine, and there are eight preset levels of resistance to choose from. The seat will slide and adjust to accommodate different leg lengths too, but this isn’t the most impressive feature by a long way.

The easy to read computer screen displays speed, distance, time, odometer and calories burned all with one touch so you can receive up to the minute updates on your progress. The step through frame designed for easier entry and dismounting are also clever little features that other similar bikes may have missed.

So just how big is this bike?

This bike is absolutely tiny compared to most of its rivals. It only measures 31 x 22 x 11 inches in total so it can very easily be tucked away into the corner of a room and I highly doubt you will struggle to find it a home. The 56 pounds of weight is also a big plus as this is comparatively nothing. 

What are the plus points?

This bike can really help you to feel the burn in your legs. It has a large display which is clear and easy to read whilst you are using it and the wide variety of units it measures your progress in should mean that everyone is satisfied in one way or another. It’s very compact and yet sturdy at the same time, so things are looking very good for the Marcy!

What are the negative points?

Some have stated that the built quality is not the best on this exercise bike. Parts have either fallen out of the box when shipping or have been missing entirely and this has made construction difficult. If you are unlucky enough to experience this when you order your exercise bike then a quick call to the manufacturers should sort this out.

Sum things up for me

If you are looking for something that can simply help you to get in shape then this bike is a very strong candidate. It has enough features to keep even the most ardent cyclist happy, and they all come within an easy to use frame. A very good choice no matter which end of the cycling scale you are at!