Philips HR286055 220W Mini Blender

Philips HR2860/55 220W Mini Blender Review – Good Things Come in Small Packages


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Product Description

I’m not a fan of unneeded bells and whistles; I go for function first and form second. All cake, no icing. All steak, no sizzle. You get the drift.

So it’s my pleasure to have reviewed this small marvel by Philips – the HR2860/55 Mini Blender. You see, a blender doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles when it does its duty admirably. If you’re a minimalist like I am, you’ll find that this compact blender will be more than enough for you in the kitchen.

It’s easy to see that this mini blender is a simple, compact and affordable countertop blender that’s perfect for everyday use. It’s a 220 W powered compact blender with a 400 ml jar that comes with a mill for both dry and wet ingredients (perfect for those grinding/crushing jobs), a couple of beakers with lids, and a convenient place to store its cords. What’s more?

Simple, Elegant Design

The Philips HR2860/55 has a simple and elegant design; it is compact and lightweight, with a rad yellow color on the white base that adds a jazzy touch to the elegance, which is very pleasing to my minimalist eyes. The beakers with lids it comes with is very convenient to store juices and shakes, for instance, and always keeps them cool; especially useful if you make a batch of protein shakes or weight gainers, which is always a bummer to keep around.

Easy and Efficient Operation

This blender is very discreet and efficient; it has everything a blender needs to do what a blender’s job does, which includes smoothies, juices, shakes, and sauces. It does have only one speed and its power is only 220 W, so its power capacity isn’t as great as its cousins do…but then again, for regular blending jobs, it’s more than enough. It comes with a chopper, which is perfect for grating or chopping, and the blades are twofold. Its a no-brainer to run; for me, that’s what technology is supposed to be.

No Frills, Just Work

Granted, the HR2860/55 doesn’t have as much in the way of additional features and functions such as its higher-end competitors do. But when the operation is as simple, efficient, and easy as it offers, who needs them? It does its blending duties admirably and honestly as it should; like we said, all cake, and no icing.

Speed Kills

The biggest knock we can find is simple: it only runs on a single speed. Thus, blending, processing, or grinding can take more time. However, the positives we see here is that the blender doesn’t emit any noticeable heat when it does its work. We’ve also found that after a couple of months of usage, it becomes a tad noisier, but that’s just from normal wear and tear rather than a product defect.

The Verdict

All in all, the Philips HR2860/55 does an admirable job, and does what it’s needed to do. For its price range, we can undoubtedly say that it is good value for money. You won’t wow your friends with the speeds and the blending modes it comes with….but in the first place, it was never designed to be that way. If you’re looking for flashy hobnobbery, you’re looking at the wrong model. But if you value function, design, and form, then you’ll have yourself a reliable blender for all of your kitchen needs.

At $59.90 a pop, it will go over and beyond your expectations, as long as they are realistic.

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