Industrial Ink

The Advantages of Industrial Ink

In the digital print industry, ink is a necessity for success. After all, ink for the printing industry is equivalent to blood for the human body. People often say that industrial ink is better than the typical consumer ink. Now, you may be saying, “Well, that part is obvious, but how exactly is it better?” Well, read on to find out.

Industrial Ink: Designed for Consistent Operation

As its name implies, industrial ink is most suited for industrial applications. These inks allow for operation in 24/7 working environments in which consistency is necessary. Furthermore, the industrial ink must meet performance standards such as resisting abrasion, chemicals, and UV light-exposure. Also, quality is a second-priority below the performance standards. With industrial inks, you get a step-up in durability, function, and quality compared to your typical consumer ink.

Applicable for Various Surface Material

Unlike the traditional consumer ink which only works best for porous surfaces, industrial ink is compatible with different kinds of surfaces. Yes, these allow you to inscribe whatever you want on non-porous surfaces, such as ceramics, food packaging, glass, glossy paper, laminated paper, and metals. With such inks, you may embed designs on irregular surfaces. As such, you may switch to industrial ink if you wish to label your glossy tools with your company’s name or any other similar purposes.

Fast-Drying Times

In the past, one has to wait for the ink to dry after its application. Sometimes, accidents may cause smudges thanks to the still wet ink. Now that industrial ink is available, drying times only take 10-15 seconds long. The fast-drying time allows for more work to be done and less hindrance in the industry’s workflow. If you want more productivity and less hassle, then go for industrial ink.

Industrial Ink is Food-Safe

Yes, industrial ink works for food-packaging. These USDA-approved inks guarantee its safety for food packaging use. There is even industrial ink that will not bleed when taken into a freezer. If you own a business that sells food or beverages, then food-safe, the industrial ink would be ideal for you. Make a better impression towards your customers, with an amusing packaging design using industrial ink.

Improved Durability

Industrial inks take quite a long time before they start to wear off. Such durability is thanks to its overall resistance to elements. A typical consumer ink’s lifetime is insignificant compared to that of an industrial ink. When using pigment ink, your “B” will turn into “P” after a short amount of time. On the other hand, your “B” remains clear and un-aged with industrial ink.

Varied Functionality

For industrial inks, the printed image alone does not represent the total value of the printing. Some inks have functions beyond decoration, such as the conductive industrial inks that are present on an electric device. For example, both solvent-based and UV inks are useful for digital print environments but specialize in different areas. Furthermore, industrial inks also include everything excluding traditional graphics printing. And so, industrial ink comes with other functions besides the ones that run-of-the-mill consumer ink serves.

Available Industrial Ink Manufacturers

Industrial ink is widely available in the present. You can see them anywhere you go, such as the brand name on your fiberglass hammer or the print on your laboratory fume hood. In that case, you should be able to find various manufacturers of industrial ink near your area. Or, you may purchase industrial ink online. You may visit Industrial Ink Manufacturers – Needham Ink as they are quite reliable in manufacturing industrial ink.


Thanks to the development of the industrial ink, various companies and industries can benefit from the new applications of printing. Industrial ink’s capabilities is a step-up compared to the traditional consumer ink’s. Furthermore, industrial inks offer multiple advantages that make it worth the investment.