Tips for Event Planning on a Tiny Budget

Some events have a bigger budget as compared to others. While most people believe that they cannot do a lot with an unlimited amount of cash, you can still move mountains with the little that you have. Let us see how.

Get Organized Early

To pull this off, you need to stay organized right from the word go. The venue is crucial to the whole arrangement, therefore, you need to consider it way early in the plan. The venue takes precedence over many other aspects and also takes a big part of the budget. Book the event early so that you don’t incur any extra costs when you book late.

Find out if you can book the event on an off-season date. During this period, the venues give a good bargain. If it is possible to do this, then book the event at this time.

Cut Down on Location and Transportation Costs

Do you need people to travel to the event venue or you can still bring the event near to them? If you can place the event nearer to the guests, then it would be a good idea because you cut down on accommodation and transport costs. If you have many international guests, you can consider the possibility of a hybrid event with both digital and live guests.

Cut Down on Printing Costs

Nowadays we have various ways to deliver content to the guests without the need to print materials. This allows you to save on printing or can limit the printing to what is necessary.

For instance, you can come up with an app for registration, sharing information and displaying the event schedules. You can also use a website for the task, but make sure you create a website that can also display on the smartphone as well.

You can also think about recycling printed materials instead of printing new ones as well. If you had banners before, you can re-use them for the event. This is why it is always good to print general material, especially banners for recurring events.


Have the power to negotiate, and stretch the dollar to the limit. Negotiate with the suppliers and sell them the idea of working with them on another upcoming event. To enjoy the perfect negotiation, it is good to know the current market prices of the items or services so that you know how low you can go without it looking like an insult to the seller.

Don’t Buy Everything…At Times Leasing is Cheaper

Buying all the things you need in the event might be cost-effective in the long run, but sometimes it pays to hire what you need. Remember that buying items meant for events means you have to store them somewhere, which translates into additional storage space for your business.

One of the items you need to hire is linen. Linen is ideal for each event because it adds colour and functionality to whatever you are doing. Linen comes in various colours, sizes and shapes, and it would be a hassle to go for different colours and sizes of linen just to make the event work.

Take time to find a reputable linen supplier that understands your needs and helps you achieve them. For a start, visit TheLinenHire to get the perfect kind of linen for your event.

Use Freeware

There are a large number of free tools on the market that you can use to manage the event and promote it. While you can buy such a tool due to the extra features, a free tool might still work magic for you. Check out the various tools on offer and get one, or opt for a free trial for the period of the event.

For promoting the event, you can opt for free social media tools that you can use for the event. You don’t have to pay for space in print media.

Work With Volunteers

Instead of going out to recruit paid workers, you can look for volunteers in various parts of the organization to come and help you out. These volunteers can handle the various tasks that don’t require a lot of skills, for free.

In Closing

When it comes to a corporate event, you don’t dictate the budget – you work with what you are given. As much as it might look small to you, you still need to work within this limited budget and get things done the right way. With these few tips, you stand to nail the event and make it memorable without breaking the bank.