Top Dynamic Microphone Brands

Top Dynamic Microphone Brands

Some microphone brands are more popular than others. Yes. That’s just how it is. People prefer them over other models, primarily due to their iconic functionality and design. The next time you spot a mic (or planning to buy one), it is likely to be from one of the following manufacturers.


Sennheiser has been perfecting the art of making world-class mics for more than six decades. Their catalog boasts more than one hundred different microphones. It is the top-notch quality of their mics that sets this brand apart from the rest. Take the Sennheiser e935, for instance. So good is this thing that microphone geeks claim it has no disadvantages.  It packs enough punch to meet virtually any recording or live performance needs.

Top on the list of its impressive features is a decent bass roll off and a sturdy design to handle the rigors of consistent use. And then there is the smooth and natural sound coupled with a perfect amount of detail. Plus, the e935 is usable by all voices from male to female and anything in between.


AKG mics promise to give you high-quality sound, making them an excellent choice if you’re a music enthusiast. This manufacturer thrives on innovation. Their variety of microphones includes lavalier, surface, measuring, and ribbon as well as USB mics. AKGs are durable too, providing value for your cash in the long term.


Shure has been around since 1925. Now, that’s more than 90 years of experience. Indeed, this brand’s mics tick every box any unit worth your money should. It is this company’s commitment to quality that has placed it on the map for years. In fact, most professionals prefer Shure microphones. Those who’ve used them say they’re reliable and that you can count on your mic every time you want to record for long hours or are hosting a karaoke session.


Rode is an Australian brand synonymous with variety. It produces an assortment of microphones ranging from broadcasting to home studio and concert. Their head and tame mics are brilliant too. Plus, if you want a receiver for your smartphone, you’re better off with one from Rode. This company invests heavily in research to ensure that their products are in line with the current market needs. On top of that, the extended warranty makes Rode an attractive option among many users. Word is, their customer service is friendly and helpful too.


Behringer has made a name for itself as a professional music equipment brand to reckon with.  The super thoughtful design of their mics is what makes them shine. Their prices are reasonable too. You’re better off with a microphone by Behringer if you want top-notch quality without burning through your wallet. Musicians across the globe love this brand because of the stability of its equipment.

Blue Microphones

You’ve got to give it to Blue Microphones. This American company churns out professional studio mics and is quickly settings standards in the industry. Their attention is on achieving the best possible sound while adapting to specific instruments or vocals. Blue microphones create an entire pallet of sounds, enabling you to enjoy a better audio landscape.

The Bottom Line

Brand matters when it comes to investing in a microphone. At the very least, you want a manufacturer that trusts in the quality of their mics and aren’t afraid to back them up with extended warranties. Of course, the more reputable a brand is, the higher the likelihood of producing high-quality mics that will meet your recording or performing requirements. Other worthy mentions include Audio-Technica, Electro-Voice, and SAMSON.