Top Signs Your Brakes are Failing

Top Signs Your Brakes are Failing

Most vehicle owners invest in their cars to move from place to place conveniently. Being able to stop when you have to is just as important as being able to move whenever you need to. This is the role of the braking system on your car. However, with regular use, your brakes start failing and need repair.

With brakes being so vital for safe driving, you need to have a trusted mechanic to repair them whenever they show signs of failing. Visit a car servicing site to check out the different services to keep your car working correctly. There is a multitude of ways to recognize if you need brake repair.

Notice the Sounds

You can recognize early signs of brake wear by turning down your auto stereo and opening your ears. A squealing or a squeaky sound when you brake can be a sign that your brakes are failing. This sound is different from the loud screech you hear when you slam your brakes in an emergency situation. It is also common to hear a squeaking sound when the brakes get wet.

For instance, a squealing sound coming from your brakes typically points to worn out brake pads. It is vital to replace the brake pads immediately because failure to do so might cause dangerous metal-to-metal contact, which can lead to damage to the braking system and might lead to accidents because the brakes might not function properly in an emergency situation.


It is normal to hear a little hum from the motor while driving. However, if you notice that these vibrations have increased to the point where your steering wheel and other parts of the car are shaking, then it is a definite sign that you need brake repair. Faulty back brakes can be evidenced by shaking of the seats while a vibrating steering wheel points to faulty front brakes.

The vibration is a sign that the rotor – the disc-shaped piece that holds the brake pads – is faulty. It might be loose or spoilt and require replacement.

Change in Performance

One of the definite signs that your brakes are soon failing you is when they become loose with time. Remember when you bought your vehicle, and all you could do was tap the brake pedal and the car would come to a stop? Faulty brakes don’t work this way. You might have to push the brake pedal down to the floorboard before the car comes to a stop. This is a sign that you need to go to a repair shop to replace worn out pads.

Warning Light

Your dashboard is a console that tells you what is happening underneath the bodywork. One of the easiest ways to know that something is wrong is the brake warning light on your dashboard. By the time this light comes on, there must be an issue with the braking system, and you need to have your car serviced instantly.

When you take your car for brake repair, the technician will explain where the problem is and what he has to do before he starts the job. Here are some of the services to expect from the mechanic.

Flushing of the brake fluid. Your brakes make use of fluid that enables them to work properly. If the fluid is dark instead of clear, it won’t work properly. The mechanic replaces or flushes the fluid.

Replacement of the master cylinder. If the brake slowly sinks to the floor when you step on it, the master cylinder has a problem. One of the signs that the master cylinder is failing is the presence of a warning sign on the dashboard.

Brake pad/ caliper/ rotor replacement. The mechanic will determine what part of the braking system is worn out and replace as necessary. Brake pads might need to be replaced after a certain distance, usually between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. The others require replacement as necessary.

Final Thoughts

Brakes are an important component of any car. Driving from point A to point B requires you to have properly working brakes. The braking system is made up of various parts that work together to stop your vehicle. There are definite signs whenever your brakes are experiencing a problem. Watch out for these signs and make sure to visit the mechanic immediately.