Using Instagram: An Auto Shop Owner’s Manual

Running an auto shop requires skills and the right spare parts. For instance, if you are running an auto shop for high-end cars, you need to employ mechanics who understand all of the models. You also need to stock spare parts that are specific to the models that you handle.

So, why should you go to Instagram as an auto shop dealer? With Instagram, you can give a unique perspective on the business to the audience. You also get the chance to get to motorists all the way to the next state. However, to do this, you need to grow your following. Here is how you can do it.

Engage Your Audience

Instagram provides a reliable platform to cultivate fruitful relationships with your audience. After you post an image or a video, users will leave comments, some negative and some positive. Whatever the case, you need to handle all the comments the right way. Be sure to read the comment and respond appropriately. If it is a concern, leave a comment promising to handle the issue within a given timeframe.

Additionally, if someone decides to follow you, return the favour and follow them too. If you don’t have the time to rate your audience and know who to follow and unfollow, you can go ahead and automate this procedure. Take time to get the right program for this task. Start the search for the best program by checking out The Best Instagram Bot to Grow Your Business 3x Faster (2018).

Following your audience back is one of the ways to make them feel valued and become loyal to you.

Proper Timing Is Your Best Ally

Whether you are showcasing your latest equipment or promoting a new service, you need to know when to get the work out to the audience. The time you choose to get the word out determines who sees the content and who doesn’t. According to research, there is a time that gives you maximum returns when you post, and there is a time that will not give you the reaction you need.

The time you need to post should be a time when fewer people are posting, while more users are online. The perfect time as recommended by experts is 5 pm on Wednesdays because this is the time when most people have left work and have time to check their accounts.

Link to Your Landing Page

The main aim of engaging your users on Instagram is to get more people to use your services. There is no use of promoting the auto shop online only for the audience to get stuck there – not knowing what to do next. To get people to your business page, place a link in your profile that redirects users to the page that gives them the chance to browse through your services and place an order.

Final Words

It takes tact and competence to run an auto repair shop. With the right experience and equipment, you stand to attract customers to the shop. However, you need to extend your reach to other areas so as to make more sales. Instagram helps you do this.