Wet and Dry Shavers – the Best of Both Worlds?

It is a fact of life that men have to shave. Unless you want to go through life with a beard. Apparently, men spend over 35 days of their life shaving. That is a lot of time, so you need to find a method of shaving that suits you. Some men swear by a wet shave whilst others will only ever dry shave with an electric razor. Well, what about a wet dry shaver, is this really the best of both worlds?

What is a Wet Dry Shaver?

A wet and dry shaver is specially designed to be used in both water and used dry. They are rechargeable battery operated shavers and they generally have a rubberised grip so they are easy to hold even in the shower. If you want to buy a wet/dry shaver, I would recommend researching the best models like http://www.manlymatters.net/panasonic-arc3-shaver-review/ so you can discover the pros and cons of the shavers. You will also find more buyers guides and product reviews on this site so you can research other models.

Wet and dry shavers are designed to be used in the shower and they can be used with foam or gel if desired. They are easy to clean by holding under running water. You can also use them to shave dry as a normal electric shaver.

Be aware that there are some electric shavers that you can rinse under running water. But this is all you can do. These shavers are only suitable for dry shaving. Wet and dry shavers are completely waterproof, and can safely be used in the shower.

Wet Shaves

A normal wet shave consists of water, foam or gel, and a manual razor. A wet shave will give you a closer and smoother end result. A wet shave will also give your face some exfoliation too, as the blades are scraping off the dead skin cells from your face.

Many people argue that a wet shave is now very expensive. Consider the cost of replacement blades and you will probably agree. If you replace the cartridge after 4 shaves, the price really mounts up. Then you include the cost of your favourite foam or gel and you are spending quite a lot of money on a monthly basis.

Another one of the downsides of a wet shave is the cuts and grazes you inevitably suffer. Some manual dexterity is obviously required. You can also suffer from irritation and razor burn which are both fairly common. It is also more time consuming than shaving with an electric shaver and you are tied to the sink.

Dry Shaves

If you want to dry shave, you use an electric shaver and the process is fast and comfortable. The only preparation you need to do is make sure it is charged and you can shave pretty much anywhere. This means an electric shaver is ideal for travelling.

A dry shaver is only cutting the hair above the surface of your skin. This means you are not scraping a layer of your skin off. You are therefore less likely to suffer from skin irritation when using an electric razor.An electric razor will also reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Many electric shavers can not only give you a clean shave but can also be adjusted to just control the length of the hair for those who like the stubble appearance.

The shave you get with an electric shaver is not as close as from a wet shave. There is also quite an expensive cost upfront of buying an electric razor. There is also more maintenance required than with a wet razor as you will need to dismantle your razor to clean it thoroughly.

By considering a wet dry shaver, you can have the best of both worlds. A wet dry razor combines the convenience and comfort of an electric razor with the closeness of a wet shave. You can use it in the shower and you can use it with foam or gel if desired. It is also really easy to clean. A shaver that you can use both wet and dry is very convenient and also great for travel.Don’t decide between wet shaving and dry shaving. Choose both.